We exist to help to develop the next generation professionally, personally and spiritually. The mentors at Mentors360 endeavor to encourage and invest in the lives of the next generation of leaders on college campuses. Their vocations and avenues of leadership are diverse. Their collective decisions will influence thousands of people over their lifetimes. Our culture, our communities, our organizations and our country will reflect the aggregated effect of their leadership.

We currently serve on 8 campuses here in Oregon. Oregon State University, University of Oregon, Portland State University, University of Portland, Pacific University, Linfield College, Western Oregon University and Lewis and Clark College.

We require potential mentors to attend our 101 and 201 training sessions. This will acquaint them with our mission and better equip them to be successful in their new relationships. Training sessions are posted on the event calendar and are offered 6 times per year.

Yes. We ask that mentors invest in the financial underwriting of this organization. We do not ask for a specific amount, but we do ask that all mentors participate financially.

In general, alumni are very effective returning to their alma mater. If you’ve attended a university that is not currently being served, we will assign you to an appropriate campus. We have mentors who serve as Campus Champions to provide leadership on their respective campuses. You will be connected to them once you become involved.

We suggest that each mentor attend at least one event per year on the college campuses or young professional venues throughout the year. Additionally, our goal is that each mentor should commit to our 1-6-12 strategy: meet with 1 student/young professional, 6 times over 12 months.

Contact Elise Hohensee, Executive Coordinator atelise.hohensee@mentors360.com. Elise will then connect you with the appropriate mentor/professional for your group. 

While Mentors360 does not exist specifically for this purpose, many students have gained internships and employment through their relationships with their mentors. We absolutely encourage this!

You are free to connect with any mentor on our website. If you’ve met a mentor at an event, feel free to connect with them directly. The men and women who are connected with Mentors360 have committed themselves to be available.

On campus, we facilitate discussions on topics like ethics, best practices and other unique issues professionals face on campuses within our venues. All of our mentors are distinguished professionals within their vocations who are guided and informed by their Christian faith. We observe strict rules of engagement on spiritual topics with respect to our university partners. Spiritual formation discussions are normal within the context of ongoing relationships.

Absolutely! It is our goal to provide opportunities for these leaders to connect with their professional communities. This has been a huge success for businesses to meet students and vice versa. Companies have participated with us financially and professionally since our inception.

Contact Elise Hohensee, Executive Coordinator atelise.hohensee@mentors360.com. Elise will then direct you through the process whether you’re a mentor or student. Glad to have you aboard!


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